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About Me

I am a nerd who loves to work. I have over two decades of experience in the financial services industry, building actuarial models, making data useful and leading systems implementations.

Among my favorite things to do is teach others. For years now, I've been an active instructor and lecturer of the statistical programming language R. In that capacity, I've spoken or taught on three different continents.

Have a look below and see how I can help you.



Actuarial Consulting

I’ve worked on each element of the actuarial life cycle: entering a new market, ratemaking an existing line, setting reserves, allocating capital and even using retroactive reinsurance for legacy liability. If you need an actuary, I can help.

R Training

Since 2013, I’ve been an active lecturer on how to learn and use R. I’ve lectured and taught in the US, Europe and Africa across different disciplines. Simply put: I love R and I love to teach it. I think it’s instrumental in supercharging your organization’s analytics capabilities.


Want a data-centric web application deployed quickly? Shiny is a web solution which puts the analytics power of R on the web. Deployed internally or in the cloud, I can deliver a web application for you.

Data Analysis

Whether it’s visualization, business intelligence, management reporting, statistical analysis or machine learning, I’ve seen it, built it, managed it, improved it.

Code Review

Is your code well understood and well documented? Will it break? What happens when it does? I’m a disciplined coder, fluent in several different languages. I know what good code looks like. I also know what bad code looks like and how to fix it.

Spreadsheet Design

We still use spreadsheets! But how well are yours designed? These simple, ubiquitous tools remain a large source of operational risk and lost productivity. I can help you change that.


I think Brian explained the intention of the ggplot2 package in the way that Hadley Wickham would want it explained

Actex webinar attendee

I took Brian’s Introduction to R course at CLRS 2016, and it was very enlightening as to how much R can change the way an actuary does analysis. Brian was a fantastic teacher and made learning the material entertaining as well as informative. I would recommend this course to anyone looking to get started learning R.

R workshop attendee

As an entry-level candidate, I found that this seminar can be a huge benefit in my career search.

Actex webinar attendee